Commuting Re-Imagined

Member-only access to multiple modes of electric transport, bundled into one integrated service to make getting around hassle-free and zero emissions. Launching beta phase in 2019.

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better urban mobility is now possible


Our Mission

How we move shapes how we live. As we prioritize greater sustainability and wellness in our lives, we’ve become motivated to reimagine the way we move.

We have the opportunity to improve the way we get around, both technologically and experientially, and the time for action is now.

Our mission is to lower the barriers to e-commuting by providing seamless access to all forms of electric-powered transit, enabling better, more sustainable urban mobility.


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The Problem

Outdated infrastructure, gridlock, the L-Train shutdown, and increased emissions are creating crisis conditions in NYC transportation. This makes getting from A to B difficult, uncomfortable, and unhealthy.



Our solution

We are starting small and focusing on a segment of the commuter population with an immediate need: L-Train riders traveling between Williamsburg/Greenpoint and Manhattan. We will launch a limited membership beta phase while the L-Train is shut down in 2019. Our beta phase will feature member-only access to NYC’s first electric ferry to bridge the gap between Brooklyn and Manhattan and a fleet of last-mile electric vehicles to get you from the ferry dock directly to your end destination – or vice versa.

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Electrify your Ride


Premium Experience

  • Clean, quiet, comfortable rides

  • Free Onboard Brews

    • Morning Coffee

    • Afternoon Beer

  • Access to exclusive onboard events

    • Live Music

    • Speaker Series

Ultimate Flexibility

  • Last-mile e-commute options gives you freedom to choose how you’d like to connect. 

  • Ride to and from the ferry dock via:

    • e-Shuttle

    • e-Moped

    • e-Skateboard

    • e-Scooter

    • e-Bike


  • Along with the health of our planet we care about the health of our people 

  • SW/TCH offers:

    • A calm oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city

    • With multiple modes of transport bundled into one integrated service, SW/TCH takes all the hassle out of getting around

Zero-waste Philosophy

  • Sustainability is a top priority at SW/TCH

  • That means:

    • No greenhouse gas emissions

    • No plastic pollution.  



How it works

  • Members have access to the full SW/TCH e-mobility fleet, including e-Ferry, e-Shuttles, e-Mopeds, e-Skateboards, e-Bikes, and e-Scooters for end-to-end rides between Williamsburg and Manhattan within the designated service area. Members have the flexibility to change their transport mode depending on weather and preference.

  • For a monthly fee of $150, members get a base quantity of ride credits that can be used on all forms of SW/TCH transportation. If a member uses all of his or her credits before the end of the month and continues to use the SW/TCH e-mobility fleet, the account will be charged “pay as you go” for any additional credits used.

  • Members use ride credits for:

    • e-Ferry rides on the East River between North Williamsburg and Stuyvesant Cove, with spot onboard reserved up to 12 hours in advance on the mobile app.

    • Door to door passenger pickups and drop-offs with an e-shuttle service, hailed with the mobile app.

    • Distributed network of e-mopeds, located on the mobile app. You pick up the closest one to you and drop it off anywhere in the designated service area.

    • e-Bike, e-Skateboard, or e-Scooter that SW/TCH owns and maintains, but you get to use as if it were your own.

  • Memberships renew automatically and can be canceled at anytime.

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We are targeting the delivery of the e-ferry to be introduced while the L-Train is shutdown, but it won’t be ready until a few months after April 2019. However, the e-ferry is just one of the SW/TCH e-commuting modes of transit, and we do plan to launch the rest of the SW/TCH service in time for April, to provide the first/last-mile connection for the existing East River NYC Ferry system. We’re starting with just one e-ferry as a proof of concept, and plan to start construction on the second immediately after the delivery of the first (to start operating 6 months after the first). Mobile app development will start in coordination with e-ferry construction. SW/TCH is working with capable partners and moving fast to make the e-mobility service a reality. As development continues, SW/TCH is committed to providing regular project updates.



The Collaboration

We are entrepreneurs, shipbuilders, designers and impact investors that have come together in a collaborative effort to make SW/TCH a reality. 


Reserve a spot now FOr guaranteed access to a SW/TCH membership

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Due to passenger capacity constraints on the e-ferry, we’re only able to offer a limited number of memberships*.

To secure your spot, we require a one-time waitlist reservation fee.

1st 250 Spots - $55

Spots 251-750 - $65

Remaining Spots - $75

* The capacity of the final round is subject to change and will be determined by ridership estimates based on information collected in the first two rounds.

SW/TCH Activist

Not a commuter in NYC but still care about our planet? 

You can support the SW/TCH mission to make urban mobility more sustainable here. 

Your support helps make this important step towards a cleaner future and means a lot to us.  


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