How it works

  • Members have access to the full SW/TCH e-mobility fleet, including e-Ferry, e-Shuttles, e-Mopeds, e-Skateboards, e-Bikes, and e-Scooters for end-to-end rides between Williamsburg and Manhattan within the designated service area. Members have the flexibility to change their transport mode depending on weather and preference.

  • For a monthly fee of $150, members get a base quantity of ride credits that can be used on all forms of SW/TCH transportation. If a member uses all of his or her credits before the end of the month and continues to use the SW/TCH e-mobility fleet, the account will be charged “pay as you go” for any additional credits used.

  • Members use ride credits for:

    • e-Ferry rides on the East River between North Williamsburg and Stuyvesant Cove, with spot onboard reserved up to 12 hours in advance on the mobile app.

    • Door to door passenger pickups and drop-offs with an e-shuttle service, hailed with the mobile app.

    • Distributed network of e-mopeds, located on the mobile app. You pick up the closest one to you and drop it off anywhere in the designated service area.

    • e-Bike, e-Skateboard, or e-Scooter that SW/TCH owns and maintains, but you get to use as if it were your own.

  • Memberships renew automatically and can be canceled at anytime.

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