Commuting Re-Imagined

Building zero emissions waterborne commute systems for workplaces, incorporating seamless transfers to last mile e-mobility options.

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Our Mission

As we prioritize greater sustainability and wellness in our lives, we’ve become motivated to reimagine the way we move.

We now have the opportunity to improve the way we get around, both technologically and experientially.

Our mission is to lower the barriers to electric commuting to enable better, more sustainable urban mobility.


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The Problem

  • Increasing transportation emissions

    • Globally, transportation accounted for 28% of the world’s energy demand and 23% of its carbon emissions in 2014. In the United States, transportation has risen to the largest carbon producing economic sector as of 2017, with emissions still rising.

    • In its October 2018 report, the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicated that the switching of passengers and freight from less to more efficient travel modes will be critical to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius

  • Urban congestion exacerbating commuting challenges

    • Swelling population, outdated infrastructure, and the proliferation of private ride-hailing services have created gridlock in urban areas that is worse than ever.

      • A 59% increase in the number of for-hire vehicles from 2013 to 2017 in NYC, contributing to increased congestion and a 15% drop in average traffic speed during business hours since 2010

      • Lost hours and excess fuel costs subtracted nearly $17 billion out of the New York City economy in 2016

    • Over crowded and often delayed transit options have made commuting the least satisfying part of the day, with adverse impacts to physical and mental wellbeing


Envisioning Improvements: what if urban mobility were Easy?


Vehicle access vs. vehicle ownership

  • Creates increased choice, resulting from the potential to use multiple vehicle types as needed rather than committing to purchasing one vehicle

  • Freed from maintenance and parking


Flexible use based on preference and conditions

  • Ability to enjoy an enclosed ride in inclement weather and an open-air ride in nice weather

  • Ability to choose a comfortable seated ride or active for of transportation depending on athletic inclination


Integration of multiple modes for seamless connectivity

  • Connect from one mode of transport to another without incurring any switching cost

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Personalized and purpose-built transport

  • Freedom to get from current location to end destination without having to travel according to anyone else’s schedule or route other than one’s own

  • Each distance and route would have a vehicle that is well suited to its conditions and requirements



what if urban mobility were better?


Zero emission

  • Pedestrians, riders and residents wouldn’t have to breathe diesel fumes

  • Commuting wouldn’t contribute to climate change

  • All electric offers a path to zero emissions


Zero waste

  • Wouldn’t have to buy single-use plastic items at concession stands

  • Circular economy model enables reuse and waste elimination


Zero hassle

  • Wouldn’t have to deal with overly crowded, often delayed and monotonous transit

  • Ability to reserve a ride and guarantee timely end-to-end transport gives the peace of mind that comes with reliable service


Zero noise

  • Wouldn’t have to listen to loud engine noise

  • All electric offers the potential for quiet movement


Electrify your Ride


Our solution

  • Dedicated commuting solutions for workplaces

    • For companies looking to move employees or guests more efficiently and sustainably, SW/TCH offers dedicated electric ferry services that are paired with shoreside e-mobility options.

    • The commuting system SW/TCH creates can be curated to client needs according to location and preferences.

  • The SW/TCH experience

    • Unlike the roads, urban waterways are free of congestion, enabling timely, reliable service as well as a calm oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    • SW/TCH has designed its electric ferry with the aim of turning some of the worst minutes of the day into some of the best. Unlike traditional vessels, the electric ferry glides through the water silently, opening up a world of possibilities for enhanced onboard experience. On your way to work you’ll be able to comfortably have a coffee, flip open a laptop, or connect with other colleagues. On your way home you’ll be able to enjoy a beer or cocktail and even listen to some live music.

    • When you step off the ferry dock, you’ll have access to a last mile transfer option to get you to your final destination. One seamless experience available via the SW/TCH mobile app.

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The Collaboration

We are entrepreneurs, shipbuilders, designers and impact investors.